About the Equitable Learning Library

The Equitable Learning Library is a product of the Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Network, a diverse group of nonprofit organizations working to advance equity in education by creating equitable learning environments. The BELE Network created the Equitable Learning Library to act as an evolving repository for resources and recommendations can empower educators, parents, and policy makers to create more equitable and empowering learning opportunities for all students.

BELE Network Mission

In the United States, our educational systems were designed to ensure access for some and deny access for others. As a result, race and class remain the most reliable predictors of students’ academic achievement. The BELE Network is working to dismantle structural inequality in schools and create equitable learning environments where all students — regardless of race or class — have the agency, opportunities and tools they need to thrive.

The BELE Network is working to expand high-quality learning opportunities for students who have been historically underserved. Recognizing the complexity of creating learning practices that are responsive to all cultures, our diverse members are taking a range of approaches to create learning environments that meet all students’ needs.

How to Browse the Equitable Learning Library

The Equitable Learning Library is organized into “pages” and “books.” Each “page” in the library is a unique web page that presents one or more resources that can be used to create a more equitable and empowering learning environment. For example, some pages provides instructions for classroom activities that a teacher could do with students (see the student activity tag); others describe programs and service providers with proven records for improving educational equity (see the external service tag). Whereas “pages” describe a single resource, “books” are sequenced playlists of pages that focus on a specific topic, e.g. Starting Your School’s Equity Journey.

Get Engaged!

We welcome everyone’s contributions and engagement with the Equitable Learning Library. Anyone can add a page or book using the buttons on the home page, and you can also discuss a page using the comments section at the bottom. Last but not least, “like” a page in order to save it to your account for easy access later.

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