Preventive Discipline / Socioemotional Learning
Introduction to Socioemotional Learning as a preventive practice
A video which reviews the definition and the benefits of socio-emotional learning


Socioemotional learning models have been used as a way to promote prosocial behaviors and decrease misbehavior, and therefore can be conceptualized as a preventive approach to discipline. In implementing the socioemotional approach to preventive discipline, many schools have embedded socioemotional learning into academic curriculum and lesson time (1). Educators can use this video as a way to familiarize themselves with the meaning of the phrase ‘socioemotional learning’, as well as the short and long-term benefits of promoting social emotional learning.


1) Compton, L., Campbell, M. A., & Mergler, A. (2014). Teacher, parent and student perceptions of the motives of cyberbullies. Social Psychology of Education, 17(3), 383-400.