Starting Your School's Equity Journey

This book walks through the steps organizations can take when starting equity work in their school and includes accompanying activities for each of the different steps.

Introduction to Starting Your School's Equity Journey

Get oriented to this book to learn how it can help you on your organization's equity journey.

Chapter 1: Why Does Equity Work Matter? What is Equity? What is Equity Work?

“Solving the problem of racism is America’s unfinished agenda, and it must be regarded by educators as a moral imperative.” -Asa Hilliard

Chapter 2: Creating your Equity Design Team and Setting Working Agreements

Doing equity work requires having a committed group of people with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. This chapter will help you think about how to be intentional in leading the equity work at your school.

Chapter 3: Methods and Approaches for Guiding Equity-focused Inquiry Work

You have your team. Now what's the approach you will take together?

Chapter 4: Understanding Context

In order to engage in equity work, you and your team should understand the historical, social, political, and economic context within which you operate

Chapter 5: Leading from the Inside Out - My Equity Self Reflection

Before having others do reflections around equity, those leading the equity work must do some reflections themselves first.

Chapter 6: Deepening Your Understanding of Your Students' Experiences

Understanding what students' experiences are is crucial in order to know what about their experience you would like to change

Chapter 7: Organizational Equity Reflection

As an organization, you will have to figure out where you stand currently on the equity continuum, and reflect on how you are currently serving the students within your school

Chapter 8: Prioritizing an Equity Challenge and Committing to an Equity Imperative

Based on your reflection in the previous chapters, you will create a stated commitment to addressing equity as an organization.

Chapter 9: Equity-Centered Data Use

This chapter will show you how to use data in service of equity