Meaningful individual reflection is a necessary part of doing equity work


Identity is inextricably tied to equity, especially since we live in a world that has been systematically raising up and pushing down groups of people based on their identities. In thinking about the changes for equity your team would like to see in your school or organization, it is also important for each individual to do their own self reflection, especially their racial identity reflection. In this chapter, we invite you to challenge the notions of objectivity and neutrality: we all come in with our own lenses - how does this lense the way we experience and do equity work?

This chapter includes activities that prompt self reflection, which includes both reflecting on how your experiences have shaped your identity as well as how your identity shapes your experiences. Questions we hope you think about include:

  • What are the assumptions I hold? What are the ways in which I can check those assumptions?
  • What are ways in which my own privileges and blindspots may be impacting how I’m seeing my students or my colleagues?
  • What is the role I can play in contributing to more equitable learning environments, given my identity and my position?

We would like to stress that individual reflection is an ongoing process. We hope this chapter helps you in engaging in self reflection as a habit rather than a discrete activity.