Take a moment to think about your origin story as an educator


  • Present your group with the following prompt:
    • What is you educator origin story?
      • In entertainment, an origin story is an account or back-story revealing how a character becomes a protagonist or an antagonist, and adds to the overall study of a narrative, often giving reasons for their intentions.
      • Think about the significant events, experiences, relationships and identities (e.g. gender and racial identity) that shaped you into the educator you are and brought you here
  • After the individual reflection, have partners engage in a stand up-hand-up-pair up.
  • Once you have your partner, partner A will share for 3 minutes. Switch and partner B will share for 3 minutes.
  • Return to original seats
  • Bring the group back together and capture whole group takeaways. Use the following questions to guide:
    • What similarities did you have in common with your partner?
    • What do you think your origin story says about your motivation as an educator? For being here today?
    • How can I build my practice as a leader for equity starting with who I am and what I bring because of who I am?

Time Required

11 min

Preconditions for Success

Be ready to do this activity with an equity lens. This means not shying away from topics like race, class, gender, and sexuality when having a discussion around identity.

Connection to Equity

Part of embarking on an equity journey includes reflecting on your own positionality. Conversations around equity cannot happen without explicitly addressing identities such as race, gender, class, etc. This activity will help individuals practice having these conversations.