Tips for creating an ArtifactX that is specific to your context (state, county, district, school) or a particular subject area


  • Look to multiple different sources when searching for your artifacts. Include a mix of different mediums such as articles, journals, graphics, audio, video, and photographs.
  • Resources for creating an artifact about your state/county/district/school:
    • The archives of your local newspapers
    • The state/district education website
    • Books/articles
    • Blog posts
    • Social media posts/events
    • Podcasts
  • Recommended search terms by topic:
    • Institutional Racism
    • Structural Racism
    • Othering

Required Materials

Internet Access

Preconditions for Success

  • An equity-related focus area
  • Have multiple perspectives represented in your artifacts

Connection to Equity

This activity acts as a developmental experience not only for the participants for the participants who will engage with the artifacts but also for the curator of the artifacts. The curation process is meant to be a thoughtful and reflective experience through which the curator can be intentional about how they want participants to grapple with the equity-related focus issue as well as what kind of framing approach they want to take. Through doing this research, the curator themselves may also learn something new about their context or the focus area that could shift their thinking around the chosen topic.

Evidence of Effectiveness

“I found this curated list of documents to be fascinating and I’d like to explore them more deeply.”

“This set of resources already set off several light bulbs as we begin to develop our own set of DEI resources for our field staff”

“A couple of key resources that I’m immediately bringing back to our organization”

Preferred Citation

ArtifactX activity developed by UChicago Consortium on School Research.