Resources for incorporating material from the 1619 Project into your classroom


The New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project reframed US history, showing how past and current culture, policies and structures were created to keep the institution of slavery in place. It also centered the resistance and advocacy of black people in challenging and dismantling these injustices. Using the articles and themes from the original magazine, the Pulitzer Center has created a host of resources for teachers to incorporate the 1619 Project into their own curriculum. This website includes, but is not limited to, reading guides, class activities, and lesson plans, all ready to be used in the classroom.

While these lesson plans were created with classrooms in mind, we encourage all individuals, both adults and students, to engage with these lessons in or outside of the classroom, for this is a history we all must know.

Connection to Equity

True equity work cannot happen without the acknowledgement of the need for racial equity, which requires facing the history of oppression our country is built on, a history that is often overlooked. This curriculum provides a developmentally appropriate avenue for educators to have conversations around racial oppression, resistance, and justice with their students.