Individuals engage with curated material to learn about the context behind a particular area/field


Print out artifacts ahead of time and arrange them in no particular order around the room. Sometimes artifacts may include video clips. Set up devices with links ready in the room. Participants will walk around and quietly read, skim, or watch each artifact. You can encourage them to use a pen and a note catcher to take notes if there is something that stands out to them.

  • Round 1:
    • Walk around the room and quietly read or skim artifacts. (5 minutes)
    • Written reflection: What do you see in these artifacts? What resonates with you? What does not? Why? (3 minutes)
  • Round 2:
    • Walk around the room and quietly read. Watch, or skim artifacts. (5 minutes)
    • In pairs: Make a connection between your own experience in the classroom and what you see here. (6 minutes)
  • Round 3:
    • Walk around the room and quietly read or skim artifacts. (5 minutes)
    • In small groups: In what ways do these artifacts make you think differently about your students and/or your role in your school? (6 minutes)
  • If there is time, large group share out. A couple thoughts on what people saw and what resonated as they think about their students and/or school.

Time Required

Round 1: 8 minutes Round 2: 11 minutes Round 3: 11 minutes

Preconditions for Success


  • An equity-related focus area
  • Curation of artifacts, or materials, that allow participants to engage in the focus area from different perspectives


  • As the facilitator, make sure you are allowing the participants to engage in the artifacts in their own way.
  • During curation, be aware of having multiple perspectives represented

Connection to Equity

After having multiple rounds of exploring artifacts and reflecting on what you’re encountering, use this experience to envision how this topic can be integrated into your practice.

Evidence of Effectiveness

“I found this curated list of documents to be fascinating and I’d like to explore them more deeply.”

“This set of resources already set off several light bulbs as we begin to develop our own set of DEI resources for our field staff”

“A couple of key resources that I’m immediately bringing back to our organization”

Preferred Citation

ArtifactX activity developed by UChicago Consortium on School Research.