Big Idea - Organizational Equity Reflection


This tool from Beloved Community helps organizations measure their status and growth on diversity, equity, and inclusion through over 100 customized indicators depending on which stakeholders or structures you choose to target. The resource consists of a survey as well as a user guide containing FAQ’s and information on how to find more detailed reports or services linked to the Equity Audit.

This other equity audit, developed by the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, is a combination of tools that are geared towards being applied to a school setting. The three tools included in this equity audit include: Criteria for an Equitable School, Criteria for an Equitable Classroom, and Teacher Behaviors that Encourage Student Persistence.

Preconditions for Success

Before completing the Beloved Community audit, refer to the Guiding Definitions and Standards associated with the Equity Audit to understand how this resource is defining diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Teams should know two things going into the Equity Audit:

  1. How do you define your area of impact (city, region, state, nation, multi-nation)?
  2. What are the demographic characteristics of your area of impact?