A tool to help support continuous reflection on equity


Naming our current reality is a crucial first step in any process of change. There are many avenues to discovering and naming our current reality. Below are some essential steps to choose from in order to assess the current reality of your school or community:

Action Steps:

  • Have students and school personnel take a written self-assessment survey to assist in their self-reflection on issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, linguistic differences, culture, and religion.

Basic Checklist for Creating an Equity Plan (See Attachments)

  • Assess school climate regarding equity
  • Students and personnel take a written self-assessment
  • Collect and disaggregate data -test scores, referrals, suspension/expulsions, percentage of ELL students in remedial and AP classes, etc.
  • Have purposeful conversations with staff, students, and parents

Always keep in mind the following question: With greater awareness, how will YOU work to build an equitable learning environment?

Required Materials

See Attachments

Preconditions for Success

Have a structure through which you can collect and look at data.

Connection to Equity

This developmental experience is an opportunity to engage participants in an action reflection cycle designed to become more aware of equity through equity questionnaires for different stakeholders in the education system - school and system leaders, educators, students and parents - to “check” their practices supporting equity or exacerbating inequities.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Encourage participants to collect as it is a new tool for Turnaround.

Associated Measures

Responses to items on the self-assessment


Preferred Citation

Colorado Department of Education, Office of Language, Culture and Equity