The first step in understanding equity is to notice where equity is present and where it is not. Take a moment to reflect on your school environment.


Pass around the handout (See Attachments) to your team. Have participants consider the following prompt:

Where are young people situated close to (or away from) opportunities (e.g. learning, leadership, exposure, resources, etc.)?

Participants can fill out the handout independently or with their table groups /partners.

After completing the handout, debrief responses as a group with the following questions:

    • What did you notice?
    • What are the conditions that enable equity?
    • What are the conditions that seem to cause inequity?
    • How do you see the creation of equitable conditions as a feature of your role?

Required Materials

See Attachments

Preconditions for Success

This activity is meant to interrogate your environment, not your students.

Connection to Equity

By identifying where equity is present and where equity is not present in your school, you can start to interrogate what policies, practices, and structures are contributing to inequity in your school.This activity is also aimed at identifying conditions that enable equity and the role participants can play in creating those conditions.

Evidence of Effectiveness

We encourage you to collect evidence on this tool as it has been newly created.