Teacher Caring / Chapter 2: Make Students Feel Heard
Teacher Caring Strategy - Make Sure Students Feel Heard
Strategies that help teachers make students feel like they have a voice and their opinions are valued


Every human being wishes to be heard—and students are no different. Many teachers address this need by seeking students’ input whenever appropriate. For example, a teacher might ask students how much they felt they learned from a particular assignment, and then incorporate their feedback into the next lesson plan. Importantly, it’s not just about seeking input—it’s also important to reflect back what you hear and explain what you’ll do differently as a result of the feedback.


For in-depth practice recommendations, please refer to the toolkit Ensure Students Feel Heard, or check out the next pages in this chapter.

Time Required


Associated Measures

To help teachers track their progress in communicating caring to their students, the Engagement Project uses three survey questions.

  • This week, my teacher treated me with respect.
  • I feel like my teacher is glad that I am in their class.
  • I feel like my teacher cares what I think.