Feedback for Growth

In order to grow, students need clear and effective feedback that helps them understand what their learning goals are, accurately assess their current progress towards those goals, and know what next steps they can take to reach them.


Introduction to Feedback for Growth

Chapter 1: Explicitly Prioritize Growth Over Proficiency

Emphasizing growth can help teachers focus on giving rich, detailed feedback from which students can learn, while conveying that they value and believe in their students' growth

Chapter 2: Give Actionable Critical Feedback Along with Reassurance

Effective feedback is given in a way that shows the student you are on their side, are invested in their success, and are a collaborator in their learning

Chapter 3: With Praise, Think Quality Over Quantity

Positive feedback offers great opportunities to communicate your belief in your students’ ability to learn

Chapter 4: Set High Standards for All Students

Making sure that you hold all students to a high standard is important for an equitable classroom environment