Feedback for Growth / Chapter 1: Explicitly Prioritize Growth Over Proficiency
Feedback for Growth Strategy - Explicitly Prioritize Growth Over Proficiency
Strategies that help teachers prioritize growth over proficiency


Research over the last several decades has clearly shown that focusing on improvement allows students to maintain their motivation and engagement, even when work gets tough and they start making mistakes.

When students and their teachers focus on whether they’ve reached a specific proficiency, students who have reached it may rest on their laurels, whereas students who fall short may feel discouraged. You can emphasize clearly and explicitly that in your class, what you care about is growth: you want to see that everybody at all times is learning and improving, regardless of what they already knew at the beginning of the school year.


For in-depth practice recommendations, please refer to the toolkit Value Mistakes And Focus on Improvement, or check out the next pages in this chapter.