Tatlong Bagsak
This is a ritual that is used cultural energizer to unify the community.


PEP’s Tatlong Bagsak Isang Bagsak (one down) is adopted from a ritual used by Anti-Martial Law activists in the Philippines. To show unity, Isang Bagsak was powerfully proclaimed by a member of the movement and in unison the community would make a loud sound either by clapping or stomping. As time has gone on, various activist organizations have borrowed the use of Isang Bagsak to show unity at their marches, protests, meetings, and events.

Started by Artnelson Concordia, a teacher-activist-scholar, Isang Bagsak was combined with the Unity Clap, which some have attributed to the Farm Workers Movement. The combination of the Unity Clap and Isang Bagsak starts of with a slow clap and crescendo’s in a faster pace clap that culminates into someone yelling Isang Bagsak and the community responds with a single clap or stomp that shows their togetherness.

In Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP), we have rearticulated both the Unity Clap and Isang Bagsak by creating the Tatlong Bagsak ritual. The Tatlong Bagsak ritual also begins with the Unity Clap and then is followed with someone yelling Isang Bagsak to represent our past together, then the community responds with one clap or stomp, then it is the quickly followed by an Dalawang Bagsak (two down) and the community claps or stomps two times and this represents our present work together. To end the ritual, someone yells Tatlong Bagsak (three down) and the community claps or stomps three times and this represents our future journey together.

Connection to Equity

Cultural Energizer


Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales Pin@y Educational Partnerships

Artnelson Concordia San Francisco Unified School District

Preferred Citation

This document belongs to Pin@y Educational Partnerships and used as a ritual in CRE/TEN.