Freshman Success Framework
The Freshman Success Framework is a guiding framework for building freshman success teams emphasizing conditions and structures for implementation.


This framework outlines the way schools can organize to support freshmen through their important transition year.

Preconditions for Success

Effective use of this tool begins with the desire to team around grade level supports. Another prerequisite for the successful use of this framework is the available systems and structures to (e.g. time, scheduling) to operationalize the tool. This is an adaptive tool with technical descriptors. Beware of the temptation to use in a prescriptive way.

Connection to Equity

Using this framework to target supports for freshmen will help improve freshman achievement for all students. Building supports around the freshman transition to help achievement for that year can significantly impact future performance and opportunities, which is why this framework can contribute to creating more equitable outcomes for students who face the most challenges during freshman year.

Preferred Citation

(Network for College Success, Freshman College Success Framework)