BELE Framework for Equitable Learning Environments
A guide for transforming student experiences and learning outcomes to build more equitable learning environments


The education system we inherited was not designed for all students to learn, grow, and thrive. In fact, it often reproduces inequities based on race and class lines by limiting the possibilities and opportunities our young people have. With all of the structural inequities laid bare, both by the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent protests against anti-blackness and racial injustice, we are faced with a critical question: Will we choose to deliver the educational experinces black, brown, low-income and white children need and deserve - or will we choose to go back to normal, resurrecting learning structures and processes that are undeniably inequitable? 

The Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Framework is a guide for transforming student experiences and learning outcomes. Based on the collective knowledge of the BELE Network over the last four years, this framework identifies the domains of the education system that are needed for change and names commitments that need to happen within each domain along with core practicies and policies that support each commitment. The full BELE Framework can be found below in the attachments section. For a more detailed explanation on the what, why, and how of the framework, refer to this article on Medium.

Evidence of Effectiveness

This framework draws on years of research and science about learning and growth as well as from the experiences of members of the BELE Network. Citations can be found in the framework.


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BELE Framework developed by the BELE Network