3 Jobs That Matter for Schools Navigating a COVID World
A thought piece on what matters for schools as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis


COVID-19 has revealed profound and inequitable design flaws in our educational system, as well as the tremendous innovation capacity inherent in our educators. Three jobs matter for school communities looking to seize the potential of this pivotal moment: responding, recovering, and reinventing. The way communities navigate recovery in the coming weeks and months will profoundly affect their trajectories.

This thought piece (bit.ly/3JobsForSchools) , which draws from conversations with schools, systems, educators, supporters, and families, outlines these three jobs and the implications they have both for the present and for the future as we imagine how schools can be re-imagined for all students to thrive.

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"Three Jobs That Matter for School Communities Navigating a COVID World" by Transcend

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