Collaborative Member Self Reflection
A resource to help identify priority areas for learning


   1. Please complete the assessment individually first (approximately 45 min). Each person on your team will have different views into the different dimensions of your organization/network. It’s okay if you don’t know the answer to something or it isn't relevant to your network/organization. Note your questions for your team discussion and skip that question or dimension.

   2. When you are done, please reflect individually on where you see your network’s strengths and where you would like to see your network grow.

   3. Discuss your reflections as a team (approximately 50 min). The real value in this activity is the conversation, not the number. Rather than taking the average please take the time to discuss each other’s perspectives and agree on values that best represent the current state of your network. Some discussion questions are:

  • Where are your responses similar? Where are the greatest differences in experience/understanding?
  • What are the strengths of your network that you could share out? What do you most hope to learn or improve going forward?

Time Required

About Two Hours

Required Materials

See Attachments

Preconditions for Success

A team with diverse members working in a variety of different areas in the organization.

Connection to Equity

This reflection tool helps organizations explore 5 Network Dimensions:

  1. Systems Change
  2. Community Partnership
  3. Family Engagement
  4. Teacher Recruitment and Retention
  5. Engaged Instruction and Student Leadership

Each of these network dimensions is critical for organizations supporting students of color who are furthest from opportunity, specifically African American males for the case of Kingmakers.

Preferred Citation

Kingmakers of Oakland