Advocacy and Outreach Guide
Do you want to expand access to advanced coursework in your school? This guide will walk you through the process.


The Advocacy & Outreach Guide is a toolkit that outlines the steps and strategies schools can take in partnership with EOS to expand access to advanced coursework for low income students and students of color.

Preconditions for Success

  • Requires and in person meeting to deliver the guide. The guide cannot stand on it's own.
  • Assumes that there's a team at the site level that's being activated through this, not just a single school leader (e.g., counselors, upper-level course teachers, admin, even students)

Connection to Equity

The guide aims to increase participation of low-income students and students of color in advanced coursework and increase their sense of belonging in those courses. The guide addresses barriers around broad messaging, 1:1 communication, and adult involvement to build investment among school teams and give them concrete actions to push for broader participation in advanced coursework.

Associated Measures

Does the school create and submit an outreach plan? Which best practices does the school implement? Does the school track the outreach they do? Does the school go through the outreach training?

Ultimately: Do more students of color and low-income students enroll in advanced courses?