BARR How to Run, Interpret, and Use Data by Subgroups
BARR’s guidance on how to analyze student data by subgroup and use this information to guide interventions.


This is BARR's powerpoint presentation from a 2018 webinar. Explore this resource (See Attachments) to see how you can start using data in service of equity.


Time Required

Time required depends on several factors including access to the school’s Student Information System and IT support. Initial investment of time to gather the data could be an hour or two initially, and a half-hour subsequently. Discussion of trends with staff could take about an hour.

Required Materials

Access to the school’s Student Information System and spreadsheet.

Preconditions for Success

This PPT presentation is an example from quarterly Professional Learning Community (PLC) calls with school-based BARR Coordinators and the BARR Director of Technical Assistance. These PLCs are an integral part of the Building Assets Reducing Risks (BARR) model ( and would be relevant to schools that have a robust data structure.

Connection to Equity

This PPT presentation contributes to an Equitable Learning Environment by helping educators uncover trends in course performance by various subgroups such as race, gender, poverty, courses, etc. Understanding opportunity gaps in the data is foundational to addressing and closing them. The analysis uncovers trends that may not be seen when helping individual students. Once these gaps are revealed, educators can design interventions and track the effectiveness of interventions.

Evidence of Effectiveness

We have found that by implementing the entire BARR Model, including tracking 9th grade failure rate, schools can reduce their failure rate by an average of 35% after one year of BARR implementation. We have found that opportunity gaps in course failure can close after two years. Gaps in high school graduation rate can close after four years.

Associated Measures

Measures to be tracked can include grades, attendance, behavior, test scores, etc.


Maryann Corsello

Jennifer Remick

Preferred Citation

BARR How to Run, Interpret, and Use Data by Subgroups developed by BARR Center as a part of Professional Learning Community series for Building Assets, Reducing Risks (BARR) Model ®, published by Hazelden Publishing