Improvement Networks For Equity (IN4E) Reflection Tool
A reflection tool focused on six dimensions in a thriving improvement network for equity. These reflections are intended to serve as a starting point for conversations with your wider community, and as a tool to prioritize areas of learning.


About the Improvement Networks for Equity Reflection Tool:

This reflection tool was created within the Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Network’s Improvement Network for Equity Inquiry Group (IN4E), co-facilitated by Shift Results and the National Equity Project.

It was designed to help network teams seeking to intentionally promote equity and avoid reproducing oppressive structures to do the following: a) reflect on and celebrate the strengths of their network and b) to identify opportunities to revisit, strengthen and improve. These reflections are intended to serve as a starting point for conversations with your wider community, and as a tool to prioritize areas of learning.

The categories in this reflection tool highlight six dimensions we seek to develop in a thriving improvement network operating with equity at its core. Please note that not all questions will be relevant for all improvement networks/ organizations. If a question feels like it is not relevant to your context, please feel free to skip it. If you feel stuck on one dimension or question, move on and come back to it at another time.


1) First, please complete the assessment below individually (approximately 30 minutes). Each person on your team will have different views on the different dimensions of your organization/ network.

The assessment scale ranges from:

1 = Not on our radar

2 = Awareness: We are conscious of the need to address this in our network

3 = Exploring: We are actively reviewing approaches to address this in our network

4 = Experimenting: We are testing approaches to address this in our network

5 = Established: We have this in place and it functions well

It’s okay if you don’t know the answer to something or it isn’t relevant to your network/ organization. If this is the case, note your questions for your team discussion, and skip that question or dimension. It is important to remember that responses to these questions are not meant to be used to evaluate or judge individuals, or the improvement networks they support. This tool is meant to identify areas that could be further developed and strengthened in how the improvement network functions.

2) When you are done, please reflect individually on where you see your network’s strengths and where you would most like to see your network grow.

3) Discuss your reflections as a team (approximately 50 minutes). The real value in this activity is the conversation, not the number. Rather than taking the average, please take the time to discuss each other’s perspectives and agree on value that best represents the current state of your network. Some suggested discussion questions are:

● Where are your responses similar? Where are the greatest differences in experience/understanding?

● What would you most like to improve about your improvement network?  


Time Required

1.5 hours

Required Materials

Reflection Tool (See attached tool)

Connection to Equity

This tool was developed by Shift-Results and the National Equity Project for the Building Equitable Learning Environments Network. It highlights dimensions of an improvement network where it is critical to have an equity lens.

Evidence of Effectiveness

This tool has been implemented by the school support organizations that participated in the BELE IN4E Inquiry Group. Those teams reported that this activity was useful for their work. 

Associated Measures

The measures in this tool can be used to track a team's progress toward integrating equity into its network design and practices.



Preferred Citation

IN4E Reflection Tool developed by Shift-Results and NEP for the BELE Network