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The Equitable Learning Library helps educators, parents, and policy makers find resources and recommendations for creating more equitable and empowering learning environments.

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Whether or not students feel cared for by teachers, and the overall quality of student-teacher relationships, can have profound effects on their engagement and investment in learning.

Student engagement with schoolwork rests on whether that work connects meaningfully to students' personal goals and lives outside of school.

Students need supportive feedback that helps them recognize their own potential to grow and succeed.

When students feel ownership over their own learning through sharing their knowledge and perspectives in the classroom, they engage more actively with their schoolwork. Teachers can create this environment by valuing and responding to student voice.

When a classroom environment encourages a sense of community, fosters mutual support among peers, and affirms students’ diverse identities, students are more likely to feel safe, which allows them to fully engage and succeed in school.

Students who feel a strong sense of belonging find greater success in school. Develop the skills to connect with and validate students from diverse backgrounds.

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Copilot is a professional learning tool with a built-in survey engine. It helps educators systematically improve the quality and equity of their students' learning experiences.

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Network for College Success

An organization that is a part of the BELE Network

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Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning is a framework and set of recommendations for creating learning environments that are both challenging and accessible to all students.

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Community Responsive Education

An organization that is a part of the BELE Network

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Kingmakers of Oakland

A nonprofit organization that supports educational leaders in Engaging, Encouraging, and Empowering African American Males.

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